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Airport Police


The Santa Barbara Airport Police is the law enforcement division of the Airport Department for the City of Santa Barbara, which owns and operates the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. Although the Airport Police work closely with the Santa Barbara Police Department, the Santa Barbara Airport Police is a separate entity, primarily due to specialized training needs and funding resources.

Airport Law Enforcement Officers are fully empowered sworn peace officers in the State of California under Penal Code Section 830.33(d) whose authority extends to anywhere in the state while engaged in the performance of their official duties. Airport Law Enforcement Officers' primary duties are to provide general and specialized law enforcement services in support of Federal counter-terrorism directives and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening and security operations.

Santa Barbara Airport Law Enforcement Officers meet or exceed the minimum selection and training standards set forth by the State of California and the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Airport Law Enforcement Officer candidates are sent to the Allan Hancock College Police Academy for initial basic training. Upon completion of the basic police academy, Airport Law Enforcement Officers are required to complete a comprehensive field training program, additional aviation security-specific training as required by California Penal Code Section 832.1 within 90 days of appointment, and on-going perishable skills training consistent with POST Regulations throughout their careers.

For more information on California peace officer selection and training standards visit the POST website by clicking the following links:


Police Report

Online Police Report

If you were instructed by an Airport Law Enforcement Officer to complete an online police report, please click on the following link:
Citizen Online Police Reporting System

Request for Copy of Police Report

If you are the party of interest in a police report that was completed by the Santa Barbara Airport Police and would like to request a copy of the report, please complete a Request for Report Form.


The Santa Barbara Airport Police employs both sworn peace officers and non-sworn civilian personnel.

View the employment page to find out more about sworn peace officer positions.

File a Complaint

A safe and healthy community relies on collaborative partnerships. The Santa Barbara Airport Police Department embraces every opportunity to develop meaningful relationships between community members and our law enforcement family. These bonds are strengthened by open, two-way communication about what we do well and where we need to improve. Open communication helps us to reduce conflict and misunderstandings and gives a voice to those who feel they are not heard.

The Santa Barbara Airport Police Department encourages feedback from community members. The Complaint Form provides an opportunity for your voice to be heard and for us to improve. We accept all legitimate complaints related to our Airport Police Officers and our Security Aides.  We review all allegations of misconduct regarding department policy and law violations. This process provides an opportunity for the community to initiate a formal process to ensure accountability and excellent service.

To file a complaint against a sworn Airport Law Enforcement Officer or a non-sworn Airport Security Aide, please fill out a Complaint Form.

Hate Crimes

A hate crime is a crime against a person, group, or property motivated by the victim's real or perceived protected social group. Hate crimes are serious crimes that may result in imprisonment or jail time. A hate incident is an action or behavior motivated by hate but which, for one or more reasons, is not a crime. The U.S. Constitution allows hate speech as long as it does not interfere with the civil rights of others. While these acts are certainly hurtful, they do not rise to the level of criminal violations and thus may not be prosecuted. 

In California, under the Ralph Act, Civil Code § 51.7, your civil rights may be violated if you have been subjected to hate violence or the threat of violence – even where the incident does not rise to the level of a hate crime and may be otherwise constitutionally-protected from prosecution by the government – because of your actual or perceived: sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, immigration status, political affiliation, and position in a labor dispute. A civil violation may result in restraining orders, injunctive and/or equitable relief, damages, a civil penalty of $25,000, and attorney’s fees.

To learn more about about hate crimes and what you need to know to protect yourself and others, please review the documents below: