Airport Maintenance


Air Operations Area (AOA) Maintenance:  AOA Maintenance inspects, maintains, and repairs 5.6 million square feet of airfield pavement (runways, taxiways, and ramp), pavement markings, lighting, and signage.  It ensures that the Airport complies with certification requirements relating to airfield maintenance.

Documents below for 2/6/13 HVAC maintenance contract for Airport.


Facilities Maintenance:  Facilities Maintenance provides 24-hour maintenance service for 55 Airport buildings, as well as water and sewer mains, fire hydrants, manholes, roads, parking areas, and a tidal gate.  It maintains the landscaped areas of leased properties, roadway medians, Love Commons Park and the Airline Terminal, including planting, mowing, weed abatement and rodent control.  Custodial services are provided for the Airline Terminal and Rental Car Building.  Facilities seeks to maintain the buildings, infrastructure and grounds while minimizing unit costs.


Airport Maintenance crew mows the infield