Guide dog puppy wearing green vest

Guide Dogs for the Blind Visit SBA

Authored on
May 24, 2023

Santa Barbara Airport was honored to host a Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) training event on Thursday, May 25. Guide dog puppies-in-training and volunteer "puppy raisers" participated in a specialized training exercise to teach the pups how to navigate all aspects of a busy airport.

Guide dogs walking in airport w/ trainers

The trainees were able to experience the diverse set of noises and movements of an airport, including the process of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) Check Point at SBA. The event was part of the puppies’ journey to becoming guide dogs that will one day assist travelers who are blind or visually impaired with air travel.

Guide dogs walk through TSA checkpoint

GDB believes that everyone deserves to move through the world safely and confidently. SBA is proud to support this belief, and the current and future passengers that travel with a guide dog. 

TSA also has several programs to support passengers in their travels, including TSA Cares. Learn more about what TSA is doing by visiting

For more information about GDB and all the work they do, visit

Group of guide dogs with their trainers