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Box filled with green Sunflower Program lanyards

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

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Globally, one in seven people live with a disability - and many of those are non-visible. This spring, SBA is joining 200 airports across the world to offer the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program to passengers. By wearing a Sunflower lanyard, passengers with non-visible disabilities can discreetly indicate to staff that they may require a little extra patience, time, or assistance during their travel experience. SBA will be offering lanyards and other materials, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to participate.

In addition to making the Sunflower lanyards available to passengers, SBA is training all staff to identify the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, gain a deeper understanding of non-visible disabilities, and learn how to better support these passengers while they're traveling.

To learn more and request Sunflower materials, visit www.flysba.com/sunflower.

Person wearing a sunflower lanyard with an attached card that reads "hidden disabilities"