SBA Parking Lot Closures

Parking Lot Closures

Authored on
January 13, 2023

SBA will be temporarily closing the Short Term and Economy Parking Lots for two phases of improvements beginning Monday, January 23.

Closures are as follows:
-January 23-25: Short Term Parking Lot will be closed (500 James Fowler Rd)
-January 26-27: Economy Parking Lot will be closed (140 Frederick Lopez Rd)

If you’re planning to travel during these dates, please plan to park accordingly to avoid these closures. If you'll be traveling for the entirety of January 23-27, please plan to park in the Long Term Lot at 500 James Fowler Rd. It is highly recommended to catch a ride to the Airport with a friend, taxi, or rideshare service during this week.

Note: All cars present during these closures will be relocated to another Airport Parking Lot. If your car has been relocated upon your return, please call the Airport SOC at (805) 681-4803.