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SBA Terminal featuring Lactation Pod

Santa Barbara Airport Adds Lactation Pod for Traveling Parents

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SBA is proud to announce the newest amenity for a traveling parent in need of a private space to breastfeed or pump while utilizing our Terminal, a secure and private Lactation Pod. This new facility can be found on the second floor of the Terminal building, past the TSA Security Check Point, and just to the right of Gate 2.

A parent in need of this facility can access the Lactation Pod via the Mamava app, available for Apple and Android devices. This smart lock technology ensures the safety and security of the parent to breastfeed or pump in private. The Lactation Pod is private, comfortable, and spacious, with controllable lighting and airflow, electrical plug for a pump, bench seating, and enough room for a stroller. The Lactation Pod size and design is also wheelchair accessible and incorporates handrail features.

SBA Administration also took great care in the customized design of the Lactation Pod. Both inside and out, it fits right into the Spanish style of the Terminal design and gives a beautiful and inspiring space to traveling mothers while in use.

Learn more about what Santa Barbara Airport has to offer to its passengers at www.flysba.com/fly-sba