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SB Roasting Company Now Available at SBA

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Good news, coffee fans: Santa Barbara Airport is now proudly serving Santa Barbara Roasting Company!

SB “RoCo” (as they’re affectionately known by locals) have been serving up some of the finest coffee and tea in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. As a micro roaster, they slow roast all of their coffee in batches of 50 pounds of less. They offer over 70 varieties of coffee, ranging from blends, single origins, flavored, decaf, and naturally grown coffees. At SBA, they will offer select variety of coffee, as well as espresso, ice blended drinks, and tea. 

Santa Barbara Roasting Company is located next door to the Costa Terraza restaurant and is open from 4:30 am - 5 pm. Grab a cup on your next visit!

A directional sign says "coffee shop" with the Roasting Co logo and an arrow pointing left.