Passengers walking in the Santa Barbara Airport Terminal on a bring sunny day

SBA Employee Spotlight: Sgt. Callahan

Authored on
October 28, 2021

SBA Employee Spotlight
Sgt. Callahan

Sgt. Callahan has served the Airport since early 2002 when he started as a Security Aide, but was quickly appointed as an Officer where he’s continue to serve and since been promoted to Sergeant. Sgt. Callahan shared that his work in a specialized law enforcement role lets him focus on a primary goal. It was no coincidence that he started in Airport Law Enforcement just months after September 11, 2001. He noted, “The events of that day definitely played a role in my choosing Airport Law Enforcement over other agencies.”

Sgt. Callahan also has very strong ties to our community, he was born at Goleta Valley (Cottage) Hospital, just 2 miles from the airport, and grew up under the flight path of Runway 25, just 3 miles from the airport. Before being hired by the Airport Department, his first job was at the Cinema Twin Theatre located on the airport property. As a child, Stg. Callahan spent time with his Father at the Goleta Air Attack Base watching tankers come and go fighting local fires. He always knew he’d go into law enforcement as a career; it was only fitting that it be here at the Santa Barbara Airport.

SBA truly thanks Stg. Callahan for his long-time dedication and care to his role, and for all he does every day to ensure the Airport’s safety and security for all!

Throw Back Photo: Stg. Callahan and Cpt. Spurlock back in 2004 while in training.