Landscape of Santa Barbara hills with air traffic control tower in foreground

SBA Named One of America's Most Charming Airports

Authored on
June 8, 2023

NerdWallet recently named Santa Barbara Airport as one of America's most charming airports. The list, consisting of nine airports across the U.S., ranked SBA as number six. These airports were chosen for several reasons, including "unbeatable views, unique amenities, charming atmosphere — or a combination of it all."

Along with a 78.9% rate of on-time arrivals, NerdWallet states: "Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is decorated with Mediterranean-style colorful tiles, rustic lanterns, modern art and beautiful Spanish murals, reflecting the distinctive architecture throughout the city. There’s also a small outdoor seating area for plane spotting and enjoying the landscaping of local plants, such as purple sage, magenta bougainvillea and lemon trees." 

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