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VIP Concierge Service Now Available at SBA

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Santa Barbara Airport is proud to announce the launch of VIP Service by Perq Soleil starting February 15, 2024. 

Perq Soleil is a premier airport concierge service offering positive and friction-free experiences for travelers. VIP Service will be available for purchase for passengers traveling through SBA, and include curb-to-gate escorts, streamlined check-in, luggage assistance, and expedited TSA processing. Whether travelers are unfamiliar with the airport or simply need an extra hand, Perq Soleil's agents are available to provide first-class treatment and reduced wait times.

"In today’s world, traveling often requires more patience and planning than ever before," said Tinu Ige, founder of Perq Soleil. "Perq Soleil has extensive experience worldwide; we deliver a suite of airport concierge services, from providing smooth and expedited passage for travelers with physical limitations, to ensuring a discreet experience for VIPs and public figures, and first-class support to families and minors."

“SBA is known for its easy and hassle-free travel experience. However, we do know that there are a diverse range of needs when it comes to traveling. The services Perq Soleil provides will ensure all passengers, no matter their needs, can feel that ease we all deserve,” said Chris Hastert, Airport Director.

All services must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled flight through Perq Soleil's website.