Parking Lots Rehabilitation

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Project Contact

Teanna Herrera
Senior Engineering Technician
(805) 692-6053

Why this project?

As the airport experiences an influx of travelers yearly, the existing parking lots are in need of improvements and rehabilitation. This project involves the restoration and painting of two airport lots: the Short-Term and Economy Parking lots. Both lots will include a full slurry and re-striping of the lot. 

This project was completed February 2023


Parking Phasing

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Aerial view of Economy Lot
Aerial View of the Economy Lot-2022

The Economy Lot will be adding parking spaces on the western side and bottom edges of the parking lot.

Economy Lot Cracks
Economy Lot-Previous State

The Economy Lot is in need of crack seal and overlay slurry repairs. 

Economy Lot-Rehab
Economy Lot- Rehabilitated

The Economy Lot is now open, re-slurried, and restriped. 

Short Term Lot Rehab
Short Term Lot- Rehabilitated

The Short Term Lot is now open, re-slurried, and restriped.  

Loop Road Slurry
Loop Road- Rehablilitated.

The Terminal Loop Road is now open, re-slurried, and restriped.