Sustainable SBA


Santa Barbara Airport’s rental car service facility at 25 David Love Place has achieved Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. While vehicle rentals remain adjacent to the Airline Terminal, the ‘quick-turn-around’ (QTA) operation off Hollister Avenue replaces the rental car service area at the Terminal.  Expected output - approximately 200,315 kWh/year. live monitoring


The 3.6 acre QTA facility includes a 10,000 square foot light maintenance and support building, car wash bays, a fueling operation, and secure storage for more than 300 vehicles.

Rental Car Maintenance Facility - Sustainability at Work

Energy Efficiency

  • 97% below baseline for energy cost*
  • Building is expected to use 208,425 kWh/year
  • Efficiency features
  • High-efficiency building envelope
  • High efficiency HVAC systems – split system electric heat pumps
  • Low–e, dual pane windows with thermal break
  • Lighting occupancy sensors
  • Reduced lighting intensities
  • Canopies above fueling islands and building entrances

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low Emitting Finishes and Adhesives
  • Lighting and ventilation controls
  • Workspaces are mechanically ventilated
  • 100% of work stations are equipped with lighting and ventilation controls.
  • Workspaces are equipped with CO2 sensors

Site Selection

  • Site is within ¼ mile of 3 bus lines and within ½ mile of the Goleta Amtrak station
  • Rehabilitated previously developed site contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • Facility includes 10 bike storage lockers and 2 changing rooms equipped with showers
  • Lighting design reduces light pollution
  • Interior automatic lighting controls and occupancy sensors
  • Low exterior lighting levels
  • Minimizes light trespass from site

Water Efficiency and Storm Water Quality

  • Building water use 31.5% below baseline
  • Water efficiency features
  • Ultra low flow lavatories and waterless urinals
  • Landscape water use 78% below baseline
  • Landscape water efficiency features
  • Drought tolerant native and exotic Mediterranean plants
  • Satellite weather controlled drip irrigation
  • Bioswale improves quality of storm water
  • 87% of site storm water passes through vegetated strip and through engineered bioswale
  • 13% of site storm water passes through vegetated strip & filtered before entering storm drain inlet.

Materials and Resources

  • 95% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill
  • 21.8% of construction materials were locally manufactured and extracted
  • Constructed with 10.04% recycled materials
  • 77.8% (by value) of the wood used for the project is from a certified sustainable source.
  • Recycling infrastructure provided to encourage recycling by building users.

On-site Renewable Energy

Solar PV* (canopies and roof mounted system - fixed)Equipment
          Sanyo HIT Double bifacial solar panels
          Sanyo HIT 195DA3 Panels  =  520 panels on roof    296 panels on canopy   =  816 panel
          Specs and features:

  Solectria Inverters
          2 Solectria Inverters PVI 95kW
          Specs and features  Solren.com/PVI_60KW_PVI82KW_PVI95KW.pdf
          Capacity and expected performance – 159,120 watt AC system   
          Expected output - approximately 200,315 kWh/year   Fat Spaniel monitoring
          California Solar Initiative qualifies for performance based rebate of $0.32/kWh
          Grid-tied/Net metered through SCE