Del 21 de mayo al 14 de julio: la Biblioteca Eastside estará cerrada debido a trabajos de construcción.

Los buzones de devoluciones de la Biblioteca Central se reabrirán el 10 de junio. Puedes devolver los artículos dentro de la biblioteca o visitar cualquiera de las sedes de la Biblioteca.

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Drone Operation

Drone operations in or near Santa Barbara Airspace are prohibited without prior permission from the FAA.  Airspace authorizations come with altitude limitations and may include other operational provisions. Controlled airspace and other flying restrictions can be found on the FAA B4UFLY app.

Santa Barbara Airport is committed to the safety of its passengers.  A big element of safety lies in the education of the growing drone pilot community. As aviation continues to evolve the role of drones will continue to intertwine with the existing operations of manned aviation. In an effort to promote safe shared use of airspace SBA would like drone operators to remain apprised of important updated information that impacts operations of drones, including the use of drones in Santa Barbara’s (KSBA) airspace. Flying a drone is potentially dangerous and flying a drone in controlled airspace is significantly more dangerous and poses unique challenges.

Santa Barbara Municipal (KSBA) airport is a Class C airport from surface to 4000 feet. KSBA hosts 3 runways with dozens of operations an hour.

Diagram showing the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport with 3 runways from surface to 4000 feet
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