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Avgas Fuel Station

Contact Signature Flight Support (805) 967-5608
Serves aircraft 12,500 pounds or less.

FAA Video: SBA From the Flight Deck


Pilot Information


The Basics

  • Runway 7/25 (6052 x 150 ft.)
  • Runway 15R/33L (4184 x 100 ft.)
  • Runway 15L/33R (4180 x 75 ft.)
  • Tower open 6am-11pm local time
  • ATIS 132.65 805-967-0283
  • Ground 121.7 Tower 119.7
  • ILS or LOC or RNAV (GPS) Runway 7
  • VOR or GPS  Runway 25

Additional Information

Landing Fees

SBA imposes a landing fee for aircraft not based at SBA that surpass 10,000 MGLW. SBA utilizes an automated photographic system that captures tail numbers and bills accordingly. Additional information can be found on the FAA Chart Supplement (AF/D).

NOTE: This fee is separate from any fees the FBO of your choice will impose. Please contact the FBO directly to determine their specific fees. FBO Contact Information


Links to other aviation websites that will help you in flying in and out of (KSBA).