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To report aircraft noise to SBA visit, SBA PublicVue or call the Automated Noise Advisory Hotline Number at (805) 967-1900

Report aircraft noise to the FAA, visit FAA Western-Pacific Region Aircraft Noise and Community Involvement Information



Aircraft Noise Advisory Program

To report aircraft noise, visit SBA PublicVue or call the Automated Noise Advisory Hotline Number at (805) 967-1900. How-to use PublicVue

FAA News: FAA to host multiple nationwide Noise Policy Review webinars in May.

"The FAA is preparing to engage with the public and other stakeholders through meaningful opportunities to learn more about aviation noise, hear from the FAA, and provide input for the agency’s consideration. We plan to initiate stakeholder engagement in spring 2023." 
Click here for the official details from the FAA.

Pilots: Click below for pre-flight briefing information on our Noise Abatement. 
Santa Barbara Airport's Whispertrack™
Monthly Noise Reports & Archive


Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures

Safety of flight is Santa Barbara Airport's highest priority, SBA also values a good relationship with the surrounding community and aspires to be a good neighbor. Below are the Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures that SBA asks all pilots flying any type of aircraft (commercial, general aviation, etc.) to participate in when conditions permit safe execution.

Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedure for Runway 25

Gif showing the abatement procedures for Runway 25

Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedure for Runway 15L and Runway 15R

Noise Abatement Procedure for Runway 15
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