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Master Plan Update

SBA on the Horizon

Why this project?

Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) is a “small hub” airport currently served by United, Alaska, American, and Southwest airlines and their affiliates. Since the new Airline Terminal opened in August 2011, SBA has experienced approximately 40 percent growth in enplanements (i.e. commercial passenger boardings).

The Airport Master Plan (AMP) is an individual airport developed document that provides foresight to future projects and goals for the airport within the upcoming years. Currently, SBA is developing a Master Plan Update (MPU) to the 2017 AMP as SBA has grown is popularity and is adjusting its own needs.

The objective of the MPU is to provide the community and public officials with proper guidance for future development, which will satisfy aviation demands and be wholly compatible with the environment. Additionally, this project has the specific objective of re-examining the recommended direction from the 2017 AMP, while incorporating subsequent changes when conditions and circumstances may have invalidated previous recommendations. Still-valid concepts may be retained, while new concepts will be developed for those alternatives no longer valid or considered unacceptable or unworkable.

The MPU will follow the adopted guiding principles from the 2017 AMP, which guide the operations and long term planning at SBA:

Safety and Security. Provide safe and secure facilities and operating environment for aviators and the general public;

Economic Vitality. Continue to serve as a vital economic contributor to the region while maintaining the Airport’s economic self-sufficiency;

Transportation Diversity. Provide modern, quality facilities to serve a variety of aviation needs and services. Facilitate ground transportation options for travel to and from the Airport;

Community. Be a good neighbor by coordinating planning, being responsive to community concerns, and proactive in our environmental stewardship.

Sustainability. Support sustainable design of airport facilities and the wise use of resources.

Environmental Preservation. Assess future development as it relates to the Goleta Slough and other sensitive habitats.

Cultural Resource Protection. Preserve and enhance our archaeological and historic resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Santa Barbara Airport does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, treatment of, or employment in its programs, services, and activities.