Taxiway H "Hotel" Extension

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Project Contact

Bradley Klinzing
Supervising Engineer 
(805) 692-6020

Why this project?

From the 2017 Master Plan, "To improve circulation efficiency and safety, Taxiway H is proposed to be extended to the Runway 7 threshold. This project will include the relocation of the glide slope antenna and the removal of excessive pavement near the intersection of Taxiway C and the runway to create a right‐angled access taxiway."

Additionally, with the Airfield Marking, Signage, and Lighting Plan, the Taxiway H "Hotel" extension will become Taxiway B "Bravo". 

The project is currently in the design phase and estimated to begin construction by 2025. 


Overview of Taxiway H "Hotel" extension and new name designations

Txy H design and future designations