Monthly Noise Impact Reports


As part of Santa Barbara Airport's efforts to be a good neighbor our staff have worked diligently to better understand all perspectives of our community. As well as, work to more deeply investigate all facts related to noise and overflight of aircraft coming in and out of SBA to understand the impacts. As a result of that work, SBA has created and will be releasing, Monthly Noise Impact Reports. You will find the most current month's report featured here, and following that, you will find an archive of past month's reports. The Monthly Noise Impact Reports will include:

  • Monthly Flight Operations Totals
  • Arrival Flight Activity
  • Noise Complaints by Neighborhoods
  • Noise Complaints Summary
  • Noise Summary Report
  • Monthly Noise Complaint Trends
  • Noise Complaint Process

Current Report:  May 2022 Noise Impact Report

(Noise Impact Reports are being worked on and will be added as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.)