Terminal Improvement Project

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Project Contact

Bradley Klinzing, PE
Supervising Engineer
(805) 692-6020

Upcoming Meetings

Public Open House
Tuesday, July 18, 2023
4:00-6:00 PM
Direct Relief - Conference Room
6100 Wallace Becknell Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Why this project?

The 2017 Airport Master Plan (Plan) recommended facility improvements for the next 20 years to meet projected demand and maintain a high level of service for our customers. The Plan identified the need for additional airline terminal space. The Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) has experienced healthy growth in commercial passenger boardings over the past decade, which has outpaced the aviation forecasts in the Plan. SBA has embarked on a conceptual design of terminal improvements to continue to provide our passengers with a pleasant experience.

The Terminal Improvement Project will consist of a 33,000 square foot, two-story addition. The most significant portion of the addition would be on the south end of the existing building. Additional square footage would be added on the northern end and above the existing first-floor patio. Other improvements include enhancements to the existing ticket, baggage claim, and security screening areas, and associated roadway and grounds improvements.

Project Timeline

Design Kick-Off - July 2022, Complete

Step One - August 2022, Complete

Step Two - September 2022, Completed January 2023

Step Three - December 2022, Completed January 2023

Conceptual Design Complete - January 2023, Revised May 2023 (estimated)

100% Design Complete - 2024 (estimated)

Construction Start - 2026 (estimated)


General Conceptual Design Steps

First Step

Develop project goals, design principles, and a needs assessment. This step will include reviewing all available past data as well as compiling new site surveys, traffic studies, airline passenger data, parking data, and environmental data. 

Second Step

Prepare a constraints analysis that identifies all design factors such as FAA limitations, wildlife deterrents, TSA security needs, traffic patterns, zoning, and easements.

Third Step

Develop three potential sites and layouts for the new parking structure and terminal expansion.